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Nutrition watch and weight management consult,  is a licensed nutrition and dietitian consulting firm that is specialized in helping her clients overcome their eating challenges and achieve their personal health goals. The scope of our business offering covers areas such as nutrition counseling, planning food programs, planning nutrition programs, promoting healthy eating habits, large-scale meal planning and performing nutrition screenings etc.

6 ways to boost the immune system.

The immune system is the body's natural defense against disease and infection. A strong immune system is essential for maintaining good health and preventing illness. Proper nutrition is one of the most important ways to support and boost the immune system. In this...

Promoting  healthy nutrition at the workplace

Promoting healthy nutrition at the workplace

Malnutrition is a global issues and healthy eating and food safety are basic facets of a healthy living. A working adult spends about 60 percent of waking hours at the work place and eats about third of their daily meal at the workplace. For adults to make healthier...

Diet for acne and pimples

Diet for acne and pimples

Nutrition and facial infections (acne/pimple)  Healthy diet promotes clear skin and prevent acne.   Some foods are suspected as acne-causers example includes dairy, sugar, and processed foods like potato chips, crackers, plantain chips, pie and all junk foods.  What...

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Nutrition Watch aims to ‘inspire healthy eating’ through information, education and consultation services.

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Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be a Problem

Nutrition watch and weight management consult is a client-focused and result driven nutrition consulting firm that provides broad – based nutrition and diets related services at an affordable fee that won’t in any way put a hole in the pocket of our clients. We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass all our clients’ expectations as it relates to their career and personal goals whenever they hire our services

Professional Food Coach

At Nutrition watch and weight management consult, our clients’ overall best interest would always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hire professional and certified nutritionists and dietitians with various skill sets who are well experienced and passionate in helping our clients achieve their personal goals within record time.

Nutrition Watch consult,  will at all times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a nutrition consulting firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our clients’ needs precisely and completely.

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